PeachPay is democratizing one-click checkout

Supercharge your checkout with PeachPay in minutes. No sign-up. No fees. No more cart abandonment.

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The Ultimate Checkout
Forget the checkout page. Offer your customers a sleek, simplified checkout window with various payment options.
Fully Customizable
Choose your button color, width, alignment, and more.
Customers, Remembered
Make cart abandonment be a problem of the past. Let customers check out with one click.
Increase Sales by 35% with one-click checkout.

Supercharge your checkout flow

It’s really simple.
Your store without us:

X Excessive number of fields and pageloads

X Losing to competitors offering an optimized checkout flow

X Needlessly high cart abandonment rate

Your store with us:

√ Customers can check out with one click

√ Customers can buy from the product and cart pages

√ Increased conversions and average order value

√ Cart abandonment rate at an all-time low

Are we a good fit?

PeachPay integrates with an ever increasing number of plugins, extensions, and themes with each passing day. Don’t see what you need? Let us know and we'll do our best to add it.

Ryan of Blaze Candles and Wax

Ryan Shreve

Owner Blaze Candle & Wax

I've seen an incredible increase in transactions routed through PeachPay, which has only made me more excited to grow together with them…as a small business owner, I have never felt more supported by what I'd consider a partner in my business. I would highly recommend PeachPay for any eCommerce brands.

Conrad Belknap of MinifigWorks

Conrad Belknap

Owner MinifigWorks

Didn't think the effects of this plugin would kick in so fast, but they did in less than a week's time. The cart abandonment rate has never been so low on any of my sites (I've been on WooCommerce, Shopify, and another product-specific CMS). My customers love one-click checkout and now so do I!

Allen of Pure Designs

Allen M.

Owner Pure Designs

PeachPay has been a real asset for my eCommerce business platform. My customers love the ability to pay with PeachPay. It’s the best checkout experience in my opinion. It allows users to be able to purchase items quick and securely.

Nimeash, a freelance WordPress developer

Nimeash Patell

Freelance WordPress Developer

This will be a game-changer for WooCommerce merchants. Amazon pioneered 1-click. Shopify has ShopPay. Now WooCommerce has PeachPay, which will be a must-have. Thank you for creating this.

Conrad Belknap of MinifigWorks

Josh Jensen

Director of Marketing SKRE Gear

PeachPay has been great for us. It has allowed our customers a fast and easy way to checkout, without the hassle of filling out a lot of information. It certainly has increased customer conversions and sales.

Conrad Belknap of MinifigWorks

John Madden


At YouGoProBaseball our main struggle over the years in growing our e-commerce store has been finding a "one stop shop" checkout solution. We've went through many different plugins that we had to patch together or rig to work with our setup. None of them provided any real level of support and usually carried a hefty monthly membership fee. We'd go a week or less before finding major issues before defaulting back to PayPal standard. Losing sales daily was a nightmare. We went through every plugin out there with no success....Until we found Peach Pay. Peach Pay saw our implementation and helped us structure the plugin to work exactly how we needed it to. Any issues we did come across they were quick to find a solution for it. Our customer's checkout process was streamlined and checkout conversions skyrocketed. We could not be more happy with Peach Pay and their checkout solutions.


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