Creating a seamless checkout experience


Our mobile app offers users of PeachPay-affiliated websites the ability to never have to re-enter their personal information again, reducing checkout time to less than FIVE seconds.

Extreme convenience to the user

Our checkout process is the fastest and most convenient one out there, not reliant on subpar, unsecure autofill functions.

Unrealized value to the merchant

The simple set-up process allows merchants to easily integrate with PeachPay using Stripe Connect. Unrealized value will be created through the elimination of complex, lengthy checkout flows, leading to a reduction in cart abandonment and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Customer support

Our dedicated customer support team will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for customers and merchants alike.

How it Works

Step 1

Fill out your personal information, which is stored only on your device for security and data privacy purposes.

Step 2

When shopping online, look for a PeachPay button that allows you to check out instantly. If you’re shopping on a computer, clicking on it will generate a QR code that you need to scan with your app. If you’re shopping on a mobile device, tapping it will direct you straight to the app.

Step 3

Confirm your preferred shipping option and payment method and hit “PAY”! That's it! Your order is on the way. You'll shortly receive an email about your purchase.


Lightning Fast Checkout


User Satisfaction

2 Taps

75% Fewer Clicks