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checkout window
Express checkout

Shoppers can pay from anywhere

Sometimes you just don’t need the checkout page.

Product page

Product page

PeachPay can be automatically added to all product pages

Checkout page

Checkout page

Give shoppers a better experience without changing your theme

Cart page

Cart page

Eliminate the checkout page and let shoppers buy from the cart page, reducing friction

Mini and sidebar carts

Mini and sidebar carts

PeachPay supports the WooCommerce mini cart and most sidebar carts

New user flow

3 step checkout flow

Don’t lose shoppers to a complex checkout.

1. Billing

Shoppers enter their billing information

2. Shipping

Shoppers choose shipping options and fill out additional fields

3. Payment

Shoppers choose their payment option and complete the checkout

new user
Recommended products

Increase your sales with product recommendations

Choose from automatic and custom upsells to increase average order value


Product slider

Display a small section of items in the Express Checkout that are related to the shopper’s cart

1-click upsells

Suggest shoppers to buy items based on rules that you configure. Choose which items to upsells and when they should show.

one clcik upsell
address autocomplete
Address Autocompete

Address autocomplete

Get accurate shipping addresses and speed up the checkout process with address autocomplete powered by Google Maps

Checkout customization

Endless customizaation

Make the Express Checkout match your store’s theme

Add your brand identity

Add your brand identity

Choose colors and upload a logo

Order notes and more

Order notes and more

PeachPay’s Express Checkout will show all the WooCommerce fields, but also lets you add unlimited custom fields

Full button customization

Full button customization

Change the color, width, alignment, rounded corners, visibility by page, and more

Enable support messages

Enable support messages

Show shoppers important information

Choose from 25+ language

Choose from 25+ language

The Express Checkout window will match your store’s language

Choose what to display in cart

Choose what to display in cart

Hide or show product images, disable quantity selection, and more

Returning user

1-click checkout for returning shoppers

Turn one time buyers into repeats shoppers

Returning customers

After shoppers purchase once from your store using PeachPay, they’ll be able to buy later with one click

Shoppers from our PeachPay ecommerce network

Shoppers from thousands of other stores can also buy from yours in one click

returning user view
PeachPay add-ons

Compatibility with other PeachPay features

The Express Checkout window integrates seamlessly with the rest of PeachPay

Currency switcher

Currency switcher

Give customers the option to change their currency

Payment methods

Payment methods

All payment methods that you have configured will show in the Express Checkout and on the checkout page

Field editor

Field editor

Changes to the checkout page fields will be reflected in the Express Checkout window


We have answers to your questions!

Is Express Checkout compatible with my other payment gateway plugins?

Unfortunately, only PeachPay payment gateways will show in the Express Checkout window.

Does using Express Checkout replace the checkout page?

It doesn’t have to, but it can! You can use Express Checkout on certain pages of your store but also keep the checkout page.

My store requires log in. How does that work with Express Checkout?

PeachPay’s checkout window integrates with the WooCommerce account system, so if you require shoppers to log in to make a purchase, they’ll be able to do that in Express Checkout.

Why would I use this over the checkout page?

We’ve designed the Express Checkout window to be sleek, modern, and short. It reduces the time spent checking out, therefore increasing conversions and boosting sales with its targeted upsells.

Peach up your store today!

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