Blaze Candle & Wax

Blaze Candle & Wax

Blaze Candle & Wax saw orders more than quadruple since installing PeachPay.





Ryan Shreve

The Shop

Blaze Candle & Wax is a small business that hand-pours its candles in small batches and takes pride in a personal touch.

The Problem

Like many merchants, Blaze Candle & Wax is busiest during the holiday season. The beginning of each year is typically much quieter for Ryan and Raul, who weren’t expecting 2021 to be any different. That wasn’t for lack of trying, though. Despite a series of clever marketing plays, as January came and passed, it seemed like orders weren’t going to substantially increase until later in the year.

The PeachPay Solution

It all changed when Ryan, who had previously given Fast checkout a try, took 10 minutes to install PeachPay. Blaze Candle & Wax saw the number of orders more than quadruple in the following month. Everything came together for the company’s congenital heart disease (CHD) fundraiser. This noble initiative precipitated a significant increase in website visitors and, because the store offered a frictionless checkout experience through PeachPay, conversions followed en masse.

Ryan Shreve

Ryan Shreve

Owner & CEO | Blaze Candle & Wax

I've seen an incredible increase in transactions routed through PeachPay, which has only made me more excited to continue using it… I have never received better customer support from any plugin on WooCommerce, so I would highly recommend PeachPay to anyone using this platform.