PeachPay lands investment from WooCommerce

San Francisco, April 27, 2021 – WooCommerce, the popular open-source eCommerce platform, announced that it has invested in PeachPay, a one-click checkout plugin.

Cart abandonment is a significant problem for eCommerce businesses – in 2021, the global average rate has risen from previous years to 78.65%. PeachPay aims to significantly reduce this by providing shoppers with a frictionless, one-click checkout experience. For shoppers coming across PeachPay for the first time, the plugin generates a simple checkout form solely for one-time use. The next time they come across PeachPay, no matter which WooCommerce store they are on, they can purchase with a single click.

“We’re excited to invest in the future of PeachPay and see them realize their growth potential. One-click checkout is a great way for online stores to improve the experience for their customers while simultaneously improving conversion rates,” says Paul Maiorana, CEO of WooCommerce.

By investing in PeachPay, WooCommerce continues its commitment to enhancing the shopping experience on WooCommerce stores – for the benefit of store owners and their customers.

Aaryaman Anerao, CEO of PeachPay, adds, “We’re starting out with WooCommerce not just because it’s the biggest eCommerce platform by market share, but because we’ve been members of the community for years and there is [close] alignment between our mission and the WooCommerce team’s mission [to democratize commerce].”

Anerao continues, “It’s really important to us to get things right, and we want to get to a point where installing PeachPay is a no-brainer for each and every WooCommerce store owner.”

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Developed and supported by a distributed team, the company is committed to democratizing commerce and putting merchants in control of their livelihood. The core eCommerce platform is free and open-source, empowering store owners to sell anything, anywhere.

About PeachPay

PeachPay is a free, cross-platform plugin focused on reducing cart abandonment via an easy-to-implement, one-click, low-friction checkout. The company supports this core offering with a simple merchant onboarding experience, engineering agility, and an obsession with its merchant customers’ success.

Contact: [email protected]