SKRE brings cart abandonment to an all time-low with PeachPay.

Background Report

Company: SKRE

Location: Hurricane, Utah

Revenue: $2 million

Website URL:


SKRE sells high-quality hunting gear, clothes, and accessories. It boasts roughly 70,000 followers across its social media channels. To say that the hunting community adores SKRE would be an understatement.

SKRE is busiest in the fall. However, since installing PeachPay, SKRE has seen order volume more than double and cart abandonment brought to an all-time low. It wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows for the PeachPay engineering team, though. SKRE has a product category consisting of item bundles -- no small integration feat. Nonetheless, PeachPay rose to the challenge with typical speed and efficiency.

After that, it took less than three months to get to the point where one-in-four SKRE customers were placing orders with PeachPay. That share rose to one-in-three the following month. Now, hundreds of returning customers use PeachPay for a seamless one-click checkout experience. As a result, SKRE's conversion rate has more than doubled, and the average order value has increased with it. Customers trust PeachPay with orders as high as $3,600. Thanks in large part to PeachPay, SKRE is set to double its annual gross merchandise volume this year.

Man in hunting gear looking out at field

Ryan of Blaze Candles and Wax

Josh Jensen

Director of Marketing | SKRE Gear

"PeachPay as been great for us. It has allowed our customers a fast and easy way to checkout, without the hassle of filling out a lot of information. It certainly has increased customer conversions and sales"