MinifigWorks saw conversions soar 72% just one month after getting started with PeachPay.





Conrad Belknap

The Shop

MinifigWorks is a LEGO product company.

Conrad Belknap, the owner of MinifigWorks, is a full-time student attending the University of California, Berkeley. But he somehow regularly carves out the time to run a B2B and D2C wholesale operation offering heavily discounted LEGO products. He has processed over 6,000 orders on multiple sales platforms, consistently maintaining 99.9% positive customer feedback through dedicated customer support and a loyalty program.

The Problem

As a consequence of these experiences, Belknap is no stranger to cart abandonment. He soon realized that WooCommerce’s standard, multi-step checkout experience gave customers too long a pause, during which they likely opted to buy from Amazon or Bricklink, a LEGO-focused eCommerce platform. To put it succinctly, cart abandonment was stopping Belknap from taking his business to the next level.

The PeachPay Solution

But then he learned about PeachPay. Within only one month of use, MinifigWorks saw the conversion rate rise by 72%. This has given Belknap the leverage necessary to focus on other aspects of his business, like hiring and expanding to new territories.

Conrad Belknap

Conrad Belknap

Owner | MinifigWorks

Didn't think the effects of this plugin would kick in so fast, but they did in less than a week's time. The cart abandonment rate has never been so low on any of my sites (I've been on WooCommerce, Shopify, and another product-specific CMS). I am not a developer, so I loved how easy the configuration was.