We know how important security is to our users and merchants, especially when dealing with personal information. That is why we work hard to make sure that our users and merchants' are protected. We use bank grade encryption to ensure that users and merchants who interact with our platform have their data secure and protected.


  • Your credit card is tokenized and stored on your device so that you have full control of it.

  • Your personal data remains on your device and is only shared with the seller when you want to buy something.

  • Your credit card details are never sent to the seller or to PeachPay. Rather, your phone communicates directly with the payment processor to carry out your transaction.


  • Integration is easy and secure, both for placing the PeachPay button on your e-commerce website and getting payouts from our payment processor Stripe.

  • We generate unique QR codes that allow customers to purchase items from your e-commerce website. These codes cannot be reused, reducing security incidents.

  • We use industry standard encryption between your website and our server, ensuring transactions are safe and secure.