PeachPay is looking for partners!

Agencies, product developers, and hosts

that are servicing the WooCommerce market

As part of PeachPay’s partnership program, you get two things:


The opportunity to delight your WooCommerce clients with the best checkout & payment experience available on WooCommerce (with exclusive access to our high-priority customer support team)


Recurring revenue in the form of a cut from every sale made through PeachPay on WooCommerce stores you introduce our product to.

We are building the best checkout & payment experience available for WooCommerce

That means a conversion-optimized, fully configurable checkout window, accessible straight from product and cart pages.

peachpay network

It also means one-click checkout for returning users. Not just on an individual WooCommerce store, but across all stores that use PeachPay.

Thus, the value of PeachPay increases exponentially as new buyers and sellers opt into our network.

That is why we need partners to help us bring PeachPay to more WooCommerce stores.

Partner with us now!

So if you're an agency, product developer, or host servicing the WooCommerce market, apply for our partnership program below.