Incorporate with PeachPay

We handle all the paperwork

We handle all the paperwork

You provide us a few details about your business, and we do the hard part of filing with state and federal governments in the US.

You pay a one-time, all inclusive fee

You pay a one-time, all inclusive fee

Unlike other incorporation services, our package includes everything in the upfront price, from state fees to EIN.

A dashboard for your company

A dashboard for your company

You can log in to a dashboard to view company formation status, access documents, and see details about your company.

How it works

There are no surprises in our process or additional fees later on. Here’s what you can expect when incorporating your business with PeachPay.

The only thing you need to do

Fill out a 5 minute form

Your contact information

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number

Shareholder information

  • Number of shareholders
  • Their name and email
  • Their share amounts

Business information

Filling out forms image

Waiting period

1–2 weeks processing time

It takes a couple days for a US state to process your incorporation. After that, it takes about a week to receive an EIN from the US government, and it’s even faster if you have an optional SSN.

Filling out forms image

You are incorporated!

Get your business documents

Legal documents

Available for download through our dashboard


Legal number required to open bank accounts and perform other business activities in the US

Registered agent for one year

All US companies must one in the state they operate in, so we make sure you’re fully compliant

Legal address in the US

In case you’re founding the company as a non-US resident

Why us?

There are many company formation services out there, so why us?

All fees included

You don’t pay anything other than the $299 filing fee, which includes state filing fees.

Save money with delayed formation

There’s an option to file the paperwork, but delay actual formation until the next calendar year, which saves you from paying taxes before you start business operations.

Available for international founders

PeachPay is designed with international founders in mind, allowing you to form a US company from anywhere and start accepting payments in USD.

Less expensive than others

To form a C-Corp in Delaware and get an EIN, for example:

Only $299

all fees included







Not forming a C-Corp in Delaware?

No worries, you will save just as much. Others charge additional fees for getting an EIN, and they don’t include state filing fees which alone can be $200 to $400 in some states.

Incorporate today and save

Create an LLC or C-Corp in minutes to protect your assets, accept payments in USD, and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve streamlined the process of incorporating a business in the US, whether you’re a US citizen or not, so that you can create a legal LLC or Corporation with the least effort.

Do I need to be a US resident or citizen to form a US company?

No, you can form a US company from anywhere, even if you don’t have an address or citizenship. We’ll provide a legal address if you need one.

If I’m an international founder, can I accept payments in USD?

Yes! One of the benefits of having a US company is that you can open accounts with payment processors in the US and take payments in USD.

How much does it cost?

Unlike others, at the moment we charge a one-time low fee of $299, which includes all state filing fees and common services that others charge extra for, like the creation of an EIN which is required to open a bank account.

Make your company official

File for an incorporation in minutes. Create an LLC or C-Corp for your growing ecommerce store to protect your assets and expand your options for payment providers.