PeachPay is free to use

No monthly/annual fees. No increase to your transaction fees.

  • ✔ Reduce cart abandonment

  • ✔ Increase conversions

  • ✔ Increase customer retention

  • ✔ Dedicated customer service

  • ✔ Payments powered by Stripe & PayPal

Where is PeachPay available?

PeachPay is available wherever Stripe or PayPal is available.

Can customers use PeachPay on any device or browser?

Yes, PeachPay works on every web browser, mobile or desktop.

Can I use PeachPay on a platform other than WooCommerce?

We support WooCommerce, but if you use another platform, please schedule a call or email us.

Why is PeachPay free?

PeachPay partners with PayPal and Stripe. We receive a small % of the transaction value directly from the payment provider. There is no increase to the regular fees you pay to PayPal or Stripe when you use PeachPay. It’s a win-win!