How can I start using PeachPay?Where will the PeachPay button appear on my site?What happens when a customer clicks the PeachPay button?How will PeachPay impact conversions and average order value?How will I get paid with PeachPay?Can I use PeachPay alongside other payment methods (PayPal,, Klarna, etc.)?Can I customize the PeachPay button?Can I white-label or use my logo on PeachPay?Can I use PeachPay for multiple stores?In which countries can I use PeachPay as a merchant?How many currencies does PeachPay support?Which languages does PeachPay Support?Can I use PeachPay if I don’t have a WooCommerce store?Can I use PeachPay without a Stripe account?Can I use PeachPay on a platform other than WooCommerce?Does PeachPay have instant payouts?Does PeachPay offer a zero-fraud guarantee?I am concerned that a plugin/theme I am using will not be compatible with PeachPay. Will you provide compatibility?Does PeachPay have a minimum gross merchandising volume requirement for merchants?How do refunds work with PeachPay?I am using Google Ad and/or Facebook pixel trackers; will PeachPay affect checkout tracking?Are my customers charged fees for a refund?Where can I view the orders placed with PeachPay?Does PeachPay accept all credit cards?How do I export payment data?Does PeachPay support the purchase of multiple products?Does PeachPay support promo codes?How does PeachPay handle minimum shipping thresholds?What shipping options are available? Where does a user select shipping options?Does PeachPay support subscriptions?


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