Complete customization

Configure how related products appear to shoppers.



Display related products with or without a slider.

Number of products displayed

Number of products displayed

Choose the maximum number of products to show.

Choose your title

Choose your title

Change the heading that appears above the related products.


We have answers to your questions!

How is this different from WooCommerce’s own related products?

Unlike the product recommendations that are built in to some themes, this one is completely configurable without code, and it shows them dynamically so that shoppers have a better chance of seeing something they like.

Do these recommendations also show in PeachPay’s Express Checkout?

Yes! Anything you configure for the product page will also be shown in the Express Checkout window.

Can I place it anywhere on my store?

There is a shortcode that you can use to place the related products slider anywhere on your store, including posts, pages, and sidebars.

What configurations are there?

You can choose to display them in a slider, choose the number of products to display, set the related products heading text, and more!

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