Connect and manage your payments in one place

We support a growing list of payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, Afterpay/Clearpay, Affirm, purchase orders, cash on delivery, checks, bank transfers, ACH debit/credit, and more.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Offer shoppers the convenience of paying with Amazon Pay.

Connect your account to PeachPay to start accepting card payments.

GoDaddy Poynt

GoDaddy Poynt

GoDaddy Payments enables your store for online card payments, and if you sell in person, you also have the option of their Poynt POS terminal, allowing all sales to go through the same payment account.



Accept payments from the largest number of countries with PayPal.


* There is a 1.0% service fee on each PayPal transaction (on the free plan)



Connect your Square account to PeachPay to start accepting card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay instantly.


* There is a 1.0% service fee on each Square transaction (on the free plan)



Stripe will give you the largest selection of global payment methods along with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


* There is a 1.0% service fee on each Stripe transaction (on the free plan)

purchase order
Purchase order

Accept purchase orders

Don't pay a premium to accept purchase orders. With PeachPay, it's included for free!

Payment customization

Customize your payment methods

Configure these optional features to meet your store’s needs.

All payment methods

Restrict payments

Restrict payment methods to certain countries and currencies

All payment methods

Test your setup

Test your payment methods before going live

All payment methods

3D Secure and SCA

Full support for 3D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication

All payment methods

Custom fees

Add custom fees per payment method, either as a fixed amount or percent

Most payment methods

Automatic refunds

Automatic refunds upon order cancellation

Most payment methods

Capture or authorize

Choose between capture and authorize charge type

Stripe only

Automatic status change

Change order status to cancelled when payment is disputed


We have answers to your questions!

Do I need to pay additional charges for using the different payment methods?

There is no additional charge for using our payment gateways. We take a cut of the transaction fee from the payment processor, and you pay nothing extra. You keep your existing rates.

Can I use PeachPay alongside other payment gateway plugins?

Yes! You can use PeachPay alongside all other payment gateways plugins.

How will I get paid with PeachPay?

PeachPay integrates seamlessly into the dashboard of whatever payment platform you use with PeachPay. For example, Stripe payments will show in your Stripe dashboard as usual.

Are my shoppers charged fees for returns?

No! With PeachPay, a shopper never pays a transaction fee for a return.

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