Any currency anywhere

Let your customers choose their preferred currency from anywhere

The currency switcher WordPress widget allows you to place the currency switcher in any location on your store.

any currency
relevant currency
Relevant currency

Show currencies based on geolocation or billing country

Automatically detect the shopper’s country using geolocation to show the best currency for them, or have it show automatically based on billing country.

Conversion fees

Pass on currency conversion fees to shoppers

Not a fan of the additional fees for currency conversions? In one click, you can have that fee be added to the shopper’s cart.


Endless customization

Tune the currency switcher to fit your store’s needs.

Automatic or customized exchange rates

We automatically update our exchange rates from reliable sources. You can also edit rates or enter your own.

Add your custom fees for each of the currencies

If a country’s exchange rate is not favorable but you still want to sell to those shoppers, you can add fees for a particular currency, either a fixed dollar amount or percent.

Restrict currencies to certain countries

We’ll automatically show the best currency for each country, but you can also customize which currencies should show for which countries


We have answers to your questions!

Do I need to use connect to a currency conversion API?

No, PeachPay takes care of that for you! No API keys needed. We get the rates from the most reliable sources.

Does the currency switcher work across the whole store?

Yes! The currency switcher will affect all prices in the shopper-facing storefront, whether on product pages, cart or checkout page, or Express Checkout.

Is it compatible with my payment gateway?

Our currency switcher uses a standard WooCommerce API to adjust prices, so it will work with any other payment gateway plugin, not just PeachPay. When using PeachPay payment methods, we’ll tell you which ones accept which currency.

How often do the rates update?

You can choose exactly how often, from every 15 minutes to every month. You can also set the rate update frequency different for each currency.

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