Stop fake orders

Does your store get spammed with lots of fraudulent order attempts?

Fraudsters will automate checkout attempts with stolen credits cards, which hurts your store’s reputation. Block them all at once with PeachPay.

Stop fake orders
google recaptcha

Powered by Google reCAPTCHA

Our Bot Detection uses Google reCAPTCHA v3, which analyzes browser movements in a way that doesn’t invade your shopper’s privacy, and has nearly 100% success rate in detecting bots.

Shopper friendly

Designed with your shoppers in mind

Other reCAPTCHA and checkout security plugins complicate your checkout with puzzles that bots can bypass anyway. PeachPay’s Bot Protection makes it easy for your shoppers.

No puzzles

No puzzles

Protect your checkout without annoying puzzles or choosing pictures.

ML and AI bot detection

ML and AI bot detection

Use Google’s latest technology for detecting automated purchases.



No personal data of the shoppers is collected to determine if it’s fraud — it’s all based on browser behavior.


We have answers to your questions!

Do I need my own API keys?

Yes, but you can get free API keys from Google.

Do the API keys cost money?

For most stores, it will be free as anything under 1,000,000 assessments is free. No credit card required.

Do I need to get PeachPay Premium for this?

No — Bot Protection is offered in PeachPay’s Free tier.

Does this reCAPTCHA show a word or picture puzzle in my checkout?

No, it does all the bot detection behind the scenes and prevents submissions from bots.

Get more customers through your checkout

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